our herstory

Where it all started

My name is Kate, the creator of Adventuress In The Wild. 

My journey into a life of adventure started when I quit my career as a police officer in 2014 to travel the world. What was meant to be a a year long career break turned into 6 years of bouncing around the globe seeking one adventure after another.


During a stint in Australia, despite having very little hiking experience, I was convinced to go on my first overnight hike…A 7 day trek through the heart of Tasmania, eek! I remember reluctantly pulling on my heavy pack believing there was no feasible way I could do it, but six hours into the first day I remember stumbling out onto a vast remote beach with the feeling like I had been the first to discover it. The realisation that hiking could help me discover places untouched by wider civilisation lit a fire in me. The sense of achievement when I finished the hike was transformational. That trip gave way to an obsession for adventure, leading me to discover hikes around the globe from Brazil to Vietnam. 


When I moved back to the UK in 2020 I realised that I had nobody to go on adventures with, so I qualified as a hiking guide and created our community to connect with like-minded Adventuresses.

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how we've grown

In the past two years the Adventuress In The Wild community has helped women make friends for life through weekly events, including our empowering overseas trips. Beyond this Adventuress has helped so many discover life beyond their comfort zone, building confidence through adventure with the support of the community. 

As a queer woman it felt important to create an inclusive space for ALL women & non-binary femmes, despite orientation, background or culture. 


To join one of our events you can find them here or on our Meetup page, or go wild on one of our big overseas trips


I hope to meet you on one of our events soon!

Conquer your mountains

Adventuress is all about pushing your boundaries to experience life beyond your comfort zone. 

Whats waiting for you there? A sense of achievement that’ll leave you filled with confidence, and the realisation that you have it in you to achieve more than you ever imagined. 

Our guides and members of the community are super supportive, and above all we love to have fun. Laughter is 100% guaranteed. 

Our ethos

We believe that every community matters, which is why we welcome all women and non-binary femmes. We recognise that some of you do not feel like you are represented in the world of outdoor pursuits, and we want to break that barrier and show that adventure is for everybody.