Lead Climbing

level up. become a lead climber

Are you ready to amp up the exhilaration of your climbing sessions? Or maybe you simply want to start building the foundations to begin climbing outdoors. Whichever it is we can help you get there

Lead climbing involves climbing with the rope and clipping it in as you go, requiring a greater level of skill than top-roping from both climber and belayer 

We start slow with a backup top-rope before going straight to lead, progressing slowly as your confidence builds

what to expect

Duration  4 hour session

Min/Max participants  2/2

Need help finding another climber? Get in touch

Cost £80

Location  Gym chosen will be based on your location

Requirements Confidently and frequently climbing 5+ on top-rope. Competent at belaying with an ATC device

On this course you will learn 

  • Climbing specific warm ups and warm down
  • The principles of lead climbing
  • Gear knowledge (Ropes & belay devices)
  • Climbing on lead
  • Efficient clipping and identifying clipping errors
  • Identifying the crux of the route
  • Rest positions
  • Belaying lead climbers and identifying common mistakes
  • Falling on lead and catching falls
  • Falling physics


Professionally guided fun sessions led by a Climbing Wall Instructor

Use of belay devices and rope

Photo of you looking awesome in your climbing gear

Access to the Adventuress Climbers Whatsapp group and socials

Not included

Entry to the gym

Gear rental from the gym

"my friends tried to teach me lead, but after this course i am teaching them!"

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Our lead sessions are bespoke. To book a lead session, please contact us at info@adventuressinthewild.com

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