Istanbul - Cappadocia - Konya - Pamukkale - Selcuk - Adatepe

On this women-only adventure, you'll experience both traditional and modern ways of life by connecting with local women. Learn the ancient art of Turkish coffee fortune-telling, and pay a visit to the unmissable Turkish hammams. Prepare to see life from the unique perspective of the incredible local women.


  • Secure your spot with a £200 deposit
  • Pay in instalments*
  • Financial Protection on your payment


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Welcome to Turkey! Your women-only expedition begins in Istanbul, the historic city that has been home to Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. Your welcome meeting is scheduled for 1 pm at your hotel, so be sure to have all your important documents ready for your trip leader.

After the meeting, explore Istanbul with a guided walk through Hippodrome Square. Next, visit Topkapi Palace & Harem to learn about the fascinating Sultanate of Women—a time period when wives and mothers of Ottoman Sultans called the shots!

Don’t miss the Grand Bazaar, a bustling labyrinth of alleys and colourful stalls. All of your five senses will be awakened as you discover textiles, ceramics, spices, and beautiful jewellery.

Consider joining an optional dinner later. You can see life in action in this cosmopolitan part of the city, with women of all backgrounds enjoying raki, mezze, and coffee with friends.


 Accommodation: 1 night

 Meals: There are no meals included on this day.


  • Istanbul – Grand Bazaar tour
  • Istanbul – Historic Peninsula walk
  • Istanbul – Topkapi Palace & Harem Guided Tour

Essential information: Please make sure to attend the welcome meeting, as your trip leader will be gathering insurance and emergency contact details. If you anticipate being late, kindly inform us or hotel reception. You can also inquire at the reception desk or check for a notice in the lobby to find out where the meeting will be held.

Start your day with a brief stroll to KEDV, a social enterprise established in 2003 to empower economically disadvantaged women. KEDV provides a platform for women across Turkey to sell their handicrafts to boost their income. After learning about their impactful work, you can take the memories home by shopping for their homemade gifts.

Next, hop on a local bus to the Spice Bazaar to meet a spice merchant and discover Turkey’s finest spice blends. You’ll also have a chance to visit a traditional Turkish Delight merchant…Some people either love this curious treat or hate it! Which team will you be on?

Conclude your day in suburban Istanbul by visiting a local mother and daughter in their home. Enjoy homemade borek and learn how to brew the perfect cup of Turkish coffee. They’ll also share the ancient Anatolian tradition of fortune-telling using coffee grounds…Are there more adventures in your future? The rest of the evening is yours to unwind or explore.


Accommodation: 1 night

Meals: Breakfast


  • Istanbul – Spice Market
  • Istanbul – Visit to KEDV Foundation
  • Istanbul – Bosphorus Cruise
  • Istanbul – 5 o’clock Tea & coffee in a local home

 Add on activities

  • Istanbul – Water Marbling (Ebru) Art – EUR40

This morning, you’ll transfer to the airport for a mid-morning flight to Kayseri, which is located in the Cappadocia region, which looks like it could be straight from a fantasy novel. From there, you’ll take a one-hour drive to Goreme, the most iconic part of Cappadocia. Goreme lies in a valley of curious looking volcanic rock formations, which look like needles, cones, and columns. 

The landscape is dotted with caves that were carved out of the rock to create churches and homes, known as fairy chimneys and castles. During times of war the people would flee into their network of caves. Upon arriving in Goreme, you can see more of this beautiful town by joining a walk to discover more with your local guide.

Later you’ll experience the Göreme Open Air Museum which was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This awe-inspiring wonderland features ancient rock-carved monasteries and churches. Admire the intricate mural paintings decorating these unique structures, which are carved directly into the fairy chimneys. Learn about the rich history of the town whilst wandering the surreal landscape.

For dinner, you’ll have a special experience – meeting and dining with Nuray Abla, a well-known local woman. Nuray Abla cooks delicious Turkish cuisine in her home cave. Nuray Alba has helped many women in the town improve their income by encouraging them to work in tourism. Sharing her famous cuisine with tourists has given her the opportunity to send her daughter to university, and provide a better life for her family.


Accommodation: 1 night

 Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

 Included activities:

  • Cappadocia – Goreme Open Air Museum
  • Goreme – Cooking Class with Nuray
  • Goreme – Orientation Walk

If you’re up for an early adventure, consider embarking on a hot air balloon ride over the enchanting Cappadocian landscape, and watch the sky fill with hundreds of balloons (See the Essential Information below for this experience). Back on solid ground, your day unfolds with explorations of the region. You’ll visit Pigeon Valley and Pasabag (also known as Monks Valley), immersing yourself in their unique beauty. A leisurely 3-kilometre hike through Soganli Valley will have you feeling like you’ve landed on a different planet, have your camera ready!

Next, discover the art of crafting a popular Cappadocian souvenir: the “kitre.” Local women have been skillfully creating these charming rag dolls for generations.

The remainder of the day is yours to explore at your own pace. For dinner, why not indulge in the regional specialty – testi kebab? Your knowledgeable leader can recommend the best restaurant where this delicious claypot dish is perfected


 Accommodation: 1 night

 Meals: Breakfast


  • Cappadocia – Soft Hike in Soganli Valley
  • Cappadocia – Doll making with local woman

 Add on activities

  • Cappadocia – Kaymakli Underground City – EUR13
  • Cappadocia – Hot Air Balloon Regular Flight – EUR260
  • Cappadocia – Hot Air Balloon Deluxe Flight – EUR330
  • Goreme – Whirling dervish performance – EUR30

Special information

If you don’t mind an early start, a hot air balloon ride over the majestic Cappadocian landscape is a highly recommended experience. Please advise your local leader in advance if you want to book it, as it needs to be arranged with one of the certified operators. 

The cost will vary depending on the type of flight chosen, but your local leader will be able to advise you of the options. Hot air balloons in Cappadocia can only be booked directly with your trip leader locally. Please speak to your Turkish group leader early on your trip to secure a spot for this popular activity. 

Due to local regulations, sunrise hot air balloon excursion times do vary which may result in your excursion beginning just after sunrise. This is subject to the tour provider’s discretion and is not within our control. The price of the hot air balloon activity is indicative only as the prices may fluctuate between different seasons. Your tour leader will advise you the correct rate at the time of booking.

A 3-hour drive through the Turkish countryside and you arrive in Konya. Home to one of the few remaining felt makers, visit her in her atelier and learn about the background and tradition of her craft, which like so many other traditional Turkish arts are on the verge of dying out. The rest of the day is yours to relax and a possible visit to the Mausoleum of Rumi. 

Accommodation: 1 night

 Meals: Breakfast


  • Konya – Felt Making Atelier & artist visit

 Add on activities:

  • Konya – Visit to Mausoleum of Rumi – Free

During this visit to Pamukkale (4 hour drive) you could be forgiven for thinking that you had stepped back in time. Take in the ancient city of Hierapolis and explore the ruins of the Roman baths and theatre before marvelling at the ethereal allure of the nearby travertine terraces where surreal white cascades have been crafted by the mineral rich water. A trip to a local house in a neighbouring village reveals the history behind the Anatolian tradition of pouring lead to ward off the evil eye; a tradition that remains strictly for women to perform only and is handed down generationally.

Accommodation: 1 night

 Meals: Breakfast


  • Pamukkale – Lead Pouring by women
  • Pamukkale – Hierapolis Ancient City & Travertines (Cotton Castle)

 Add on activities:

  • Pamukkale – Cleopatra Ancient Pool – TRY200

Special information: Your travel time today will be approximately 4 hours.

An orientation walk is offered upon your arrival at Selcuk (3 hour drive) following which you’ll learn how to make Mantı in the local restaurant. These traditional Turkish dumplings are created using a delicate dough and involve an intricate folding technique, as the women will demonstrate. Turkish carpets weaving has a long and prodigious history, dating back to the 

Neolithic era. In this visit to Sultanköy, a social enterprise that employs local women, you’ll enjoy a carpet weaving demonstration whilst learning about this traditional art.


Accommodation: 1 night

Meals: Breakfast


  • Selcuk – Selcuk Manti Cooking Class
  • Selcuk – Sultankoy Carpet Cooperation
  • Selcuk – Leader-led orientation walk

Special information: Your travel time today will be approximately 4 hours.

The ancient city of Ephesus was once the capital city of Roman Asia Minor, and these ruins are amongst the preserved Greco-Roman classical cities in the world. A local guide really brings these ruins to life, and you will find yourself imagining them as they once were over 2000 years ago, with the hustle and bustle of daily life passing through the same streets. The theatre continues to host concerts as it is so well preserved, but it is perhaps the library that is the most striking.

Lunch is held at a woman run and staffed restaurant that serves up an impressive array of local traditional dishes. Hatice first started cooking gözleme on the roadside as a way of making ends meet when her husband’s business went bankrupt, and this is where her own restaurant is located today. Hatice is now a well-known local chef and woman entrepreneur.

In the afternoon you’ll take a drive to an authentic Greek Ottoman village that modern development seems to have forgotten about. Following a drive into the hills through apple and pear orchards to sample the locally produced fruit wines in the picturesque village of Sirince, this place is truly a photographer’s dream. 


Accommodation: 1 night

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch


  • Selcuk – Ephesus Ancient City
  • Selcuk – Hatice Lunch
  • Sirince – Village visit and fruit wine tasting

 Add on activities:

  • Selcuk – Meryemana (Mary’s House) – EUR15

Your introduction to Ayvlik involves an orientation walk around the charming coastal town, soaking up the atmosphere provided by the quaint cafes and colourful Ottoman houses. A visit to a local project that recycles household waste into unique and attractive handbags is next on the itinerary. “Cop Madam” or Garbage Lady raises awareness about the environment whilst also providing a sustainable income for the women it employs. 

After enjoying some free time for lunch, a trip to Adatepe in the foothills of the Ida Mountains will offer some tranquillity. This small Greek-Turkish village with its cobbled streets and traditional stone houses is also home to the Altar of Zeus, an ancient archaeological site, and is the perfect mixture of history and natural beauty.


Accommodation: 1 night

Meals: Breakfast


  • Adatepe – Ayvalik Copmadam (trashyteyze / Tara Hopkins)
  • Adatepe – Orientation Walk in Ayvalık
  • Adatepe – Village Tour & Altar of Zeus

Special information: Your travel time today will be approximately 3.5 hours.

The charming coastal town of Assos is the next destination. Follow the quaint streets to the Temple of Athena and marvel at the spectacular views of the glittering sea below while admiring the impressive acropolis.

Heading back to Adatepe, a local restaurant is booked for a Gözleme demonstration. This unleavened dough is hand rolled and filled with a variety of delicious ingredients before being expertly folded and griddled to crisp, golden perfection. Enjoy watching the women’s expertise before sitting down to enjoy some of them.


Accommodation: 1 night

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch


  • Assos – Temple of Athena
  • Adatepe – Gozleme Demonstration and lunch
  • Assos – Leader-led walking tour

And so begins the journey back to Istanbul (5 drive with stops).

The adventure closes with a women’s only hamam. Named after Hürrem Sultan, the influential wife of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, this is an elegant and opulent bathhouse. Initially hamams were for men only. Women who were unwell recovering from childbirth or not well were permitted eventually until they were opened up to all women. 

A visit to the hamam was considered more than an opportunity to bathe but as a release from the isolation and routine of home. It was also a place where older women could look for potential wives for their sons.

Today this ritual is still segregated and comes complete with baths, food, music and fun. 

Later this evening you may want to have a last farewell dinner with your group.


Accommodation: 1 night

Meals: Breakfast

Included activities: Istanbul – Turkish Hamam

Special information: Your travel time today will be approximately 5 hours.

Here your incredible Turkish adventure comes to an end after breakfast. However, if you wish to spend a few more days checking out the sights of Istanbul at your own pace, get in touch and we can arrange some extra nights for you to explore at your pace. 


 Meals: Breakfast






Your guide for this adventure will be Intrepid Travel. Did you know that we’re all just three degrees of separation away from somebody who has been on an Intrepid tour? Since 1989, Intrepid Travel have guided travelers across 100 countries worldwide.

Intrepid’s women only tours promise to take you off of the beaten path, connecting you with local women, offering total cultural immersion and a whole lot of adventure! 


Turkey, located where Europe meets Asia, is a country known for its rich culture and stunning scenery. In cities like Istanbul, ancient mosques stand alongside modern cafes and lively markets. You’ll never find another place like Cappadocia, which is famous for its unique rock formations and underground cities carved into soft rocks. Along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, there are beautiful beaches and ancient ruins such as the bright blue pools of Pamukkale’s terraced hot springs. You’ll never get enough of the Turkish food, famous for its spices and tasty kebabs. Don’t forget to try a traditional turkey coffee!


Is this trip women only?

Yes. At Adventuress in the Wild we work with tour operators who are providing trips for anybody who identifies as a woman. We have found that women are more likely to step out of their comfort zone and try new activities when they are surrounded by other supportive women. All of the tour operators we work with believe that adventure is for every woman no matter your background, ability, body type, or orientation.

Is this trip right for you?

The temperature from May to October can be very hot in Turkey and some of the more traditional hotels will not have air-conditioning. Evening temperatures are usually very pleasant and an open window with a breeze should do the trick. This expedition covers a lot of ground in 12 days as there is a lot to see and do in Turkey. There are a few one-night stops along the way, but you will be travelling in the comfort of a private vehicle.

Important notes

If you’d prefer not to share a room on this trip there is a single supplement available, subject to availability. Please enquire with us for further information. One internal flight is included in this trip. Checked in luggage is restricted to 15kg checked-in and 8kg for hand luggage. It is possible to store a small piece of luggage at the starting and ending point guesthouses in Istanbul.

Essential information


This adventure can be booked with a £200 deposit. The remainder of the balance will be paid 70 days prior to departure. If booking within 70 days prior to departure then full payment will be required.


No.11 Hotel & Apartments

Balyoz sok no 11 Asmalı Mescit beyoglu Istanbul 34430, Turkey


Guesthouse (5 nights), Hotel (6 nights)


No:11 Hotel is located within walking distance of Istanbul’s most famous historical sites and surrounded by restaurants, shops, boutiques, cafes, and bars. Facilities include free Wi-Fi, kitchenette and a garden area. Rooms have television, air-conditioning, fridge, hair dryer, and tea and coffee amenities. 

The hotel was awarded the green key award in July 2020 as one of Turkey’s first small independent hotels with an international eco-label. The hotel uses new waste reduction measures, green cleaning and recycling and measures the carbon footprint of each guest in alignment with international eco-labeling standards in tourism and hospitality.


We can assist with pre-booking an arrival transfer from the airport. Please enquire with us and advise your flight details, including which airport in Istanbul, at least 14 days prior to the start of your trip.

Two international airports serve Istanbul. Istanbul Airport (IST) is 50 kms/30 miles northwest of central Istanbul, on the European side. Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) is 50 kms/30 miles southeast of central Istanbul, on the Asian side. A metered taxi can be taken from either airport to the joining point hotel costing approx. TRY 500-600.

Arriving at Istanbul Airport (IST)

For your transfer, collect your luggage and proceed to Gate 8 in the arrival hall. Exit through 

Gate 8 and you’ll see a representative on the left holding an “Intrepid” sign. Due to airport regulations, drivers must wait offsite so you will need to wait briefly before they arrive at the pick-up area. Once the driver arrives, the representative will escort you two floors down to meet with your driver.

In case of difficulty locating the representative at the airport, please call the local emergency number listed in the Essential Trip Information.
Travel to the hotel will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour but can take 90 minutes or longer during rush hour.

Arriving at Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)

For your transfer, you will exit from the international terminal and cross the road between 

Column 9 and Column 10 to “Simit Sarayı” bakery. Once there you will see a representative holding an Intrepid sign. Due to airport regulations, drivers must wait offsite so you will need to wait briefly before they arrive at the pick-up area. The representative will then advise the driver to come.

In case of difficulty locating the airport representative, please call the local emergency number listed in the Essential Trip Information.
Travel to the hotel will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes but can take 2 hours or more during rush hour.


No.11 Hotel & Apartments
Balyoz sok no 11 Asmalımescit beyoglu Istanbul 34430 TURKEY


No:11 Hotel is located within walking distance of Istanbul’s most famous historical sites and surrounded by restaurants, shops, boutiques, cafes, and bars. Facilities include free Wi-Fi, kitchenette and a garden area. Rooms have television, air-conditioning, fridge, hair dryer, and tea and coffee amenities. The hotel was awarded the green key award in July 2020 as one of Turkey’s first small independent hotels with an international eco-label. The hotel uses new waste reduction measures, green cleaning and recycling and measures the carbon footprint of each guest in alignment with international eco-labeling standards in tourism and hospitality.


We can assist with pre-booking a departure transfer to the airport. Please enquire with us and advise your flight details, including which airport in Istanbul, at least 14 days prior to the start of your trip.If you have pre-booked a departure transfer your group leader or local representative will advise you of your pick up time the day before your trip ends.

Taxi fare from your hotel to the airport will cost approx. TRY 700-900. Please ask your group leader or local representative or hotel staff for assistance in arranging a taxi.

Departing from Istanbul Airport (IST)

Express bus services are available to the airport from Taksim which is a short taxi ride from your hotel.

Departing from Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)

We recommend taking the ferry to Kadikoy on the Asian side of the city. From here there are express bus services available to the airport.

Problems and emergency contact information

While your operator endeavours to provide the best possible holiday experience, due to the nature of travel and the areas we visit sometimes things can and do go wrong. Should any issue occur while you are on your trip, it is imperative that you discuss this with your group leader or local representative straight away so that they can do their best to rectify the problem and save any potential negative impact on the rest of your trip.

There may be times when your group leader or local representative may not be able to resolve a situation to your satisfaction – if this is the case, please ask to speak to their direct manager.

You may also choose to provide feedback, which we ask you to complete within 30 days of the end of your trip. Please be aware that it is very difficult for us to provide any practical help after the trip is completed, so informing us while still travelling will allow us to resolve the issue in real time.


Itinerary changes

Itineraries are updated regularly throughout the year based on customer feedback and to reflect the current situation in each destination. The information included in this Essential Trip Information may differ from when you first booked your trip. We advise that you review this information to have the latest updates. Due to local conditions changes may be necessary to your itinerary once in-country. Your group leader or local representative will keep you up to date with any such changes once your trip is underway.

Optional activities

Popular activities are listed in the day-to-day itinerary. This isn’t an exhaustive list and prices are approximate, are for entrance fees only, and don’t include transport to or local guides unless indicated. All activities are subject to availability, and maybe on a join-in basis. It may not be possible to do all the activities listed in the time available, so some pre-planning is advised. When pre-booking is recommended to look for a note in the Special Information section of the itinerary. For most, they can either be organised independently on the day, or let your group leader or local representative know you are interested in the Welcome Meeting.

Where activities are considered medium or high risk, the operator works with operators whose safety and credentials they have sighted and assessed. Medium and high-risk activities not listed have not been assessed and as such the group leader or local representative are unable to assist you with these activities. Please remember that the decision to partake in any activity not listed is at your own risk.

Add on activities: 

  • Istanbul – Water Marbling (Ebru) Art – EUR40
  • Cappadocia – Kaymakli Underground City – EUR13
  • Cappadocia – Hot Air Balloon Regular Flight – EUR260
  • Cappadocia – Hot Air Balloon Deluxe Flight – EUR330
  • Goreme – Whirling dervish performance – EUR30
  • Konya – Visit to Mausoleum of Rumi – Free
  • Pamukkale – Cleopatra Ancient Pool – TRY200
  • Selcuk – Meryemana (Mary’s House) – EUR15



Most countries expect that your passport has a minimum of 6 months validity remaining. Please ensure the name on your passport matches the name on your booking and airline tickets. Your passport details are required to complete your booking. We will contact you when this is required. Take a copy of the main passport pages and other important documents with you and leave another copy at home with family or friends.


Visas are the responsibility of the individual traveller. Entry requirements can change frequently so check for the latest information. Visit the relevant consular website of the country or countries you’re visiting for up-to-date visa information specific to your nationality. We can point you in the right direction with acquiring visas. Visas can take several weeks to process, so allow yourself plenty of time for processing.

Turkey Visa

Most nationalities require a visa to enter Turkey which must be obtained through the e-Visa system. Please go to https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ at least two weeks before you arrive in Turkey.
Passport holders from New Zealand, Argentina, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland do not require a visa for stays up to three months. We recommend all nationalities check with their local consulate for current visa requirements.

Turkey Covid-19 Entry & Exit Requirements

For the latest update of what is required to enter Turkey, check your government’s foreign travel advice and monitor for any changes as they may change without notice.


Drinking Water

As a rule, we recommend you don’t drink tap water, even in hotels. For visitors drinking the tap water, the higher levels of minerals can result in illness. Generally an upset stomach is the only symptom, but it can spoil a day or two of your holiday. Many hotels and lodges provide safe drinking water, while bottled water is another alternative. Water consumption should be about two litres a day. Rehydration salts, motion sickness tablets, and diarrhoea blockers are useful, please source from home and bring them with you.

Food and dietary requirements

Your group leader or local representative will endeavour to cater to specific dietary requirements where possible, and vegetarianism and gluten intolerance will be catered for in most instances. 

However, some meals and activities are fixed in advance and cannot be modified.

Please notify us of any dietary requirements at the time of booking. For those suffering from food allergies, your group leader or local representative will endeavor to disclose the main ingredients in dishes being consumed. It is, however, your personal responsibility to ensure that you do not consume anything to which you are allergic.


Private Vehicle, Boat, Plane

There are some long travel days and some rough travelling in areas away from main tourist routes. Bendy roads, rough surfaces and cramped conditions can make for some challenging travel experiences. Some days involve early starts in the morning to ensure optimisation of time at the next destination. We recommend you consider medication to help ease the discomfort if you suffer from travel sickness.


Spending money
You know your spending habits better than we do, so please budget accordingly for things like optional meals, drinks, shopping, activities, and laundry. Make sure you have read the itinerary and inclusions thoroughly so you know what is included in the trip price and what you may need to pay for on top.


Most goods and services can be paid for using the local currency, Turkish Lira (TRY). Given the fluctuating value of TRY, we recommend reviewing the exchange rates as your trip approaches. The EUR is acceptable as is the USD. For everyday services like meals and shopping, we recommend the local currency.

You can use your credit/debit card in ATMs, which are common throughout Turkey. Smaller venues take cash only. We recommend taking cash out in major cities before travelling to regional areas of Turkey. Check with your bank regarding fees as you may be charged for using your card overseas.

Turkey is often misjudged when it comes to costs you might have as a tourist. Prices can also vary considerably between regions. Cities like Istanbul and Antalya are very European and as such the standard of restaurants and cafes is very high and the cost equivalent to its European counterparts. Eating in local restaurants, roadside stalls and markets is still inexpensive and lots of fun. Budget is a personal choice but please bear in mind that you should not expect Turkey to be a budget destination.


Tipping can be an appropriate way to recognise great service when travelling. While it may not be customary in your home country, it is an entrenched feature of the tourism industry across many of our destinations and is greatly appreciated by the people who take care of you during your travels. It is always best to avoid tipping with coins, very small denomination notes, or dirty and ripped notes, as this can be regarded as an insult.

Optional tipping kitty

On Day 1 of your trip, your group leader or local representative may discuss with you the idea of operating a group tipping kitty, whereby everybody contributes an equal amount, and your group leader or local representative distributes tips. This excludes restaurant tips for meals not included in your itinerary. 

The group leader or local representative will keep a running record of all monies spent and any funds remaining at the end of the tour will be returned. This is the easiest way to avoid the hassles of needing small change and knowing when and what is an appropriate amount to tip. Participation is at your own discretion, and you are welcome to manage your own tipping separately. The tipping kitty excludes tips for your group leader or local representative.

Tipping your group leader or local representative 

You may consider tipping your group leader or local representative for outstanding service throughout your trip. The amount is entirely a personal preference however as a guideline 4-7 USD or EUR per person (in a currency relevant to your destination), per day can be used. Of course, you are free to tip as you see fit.


Your tour operator understands that the receipt of commissions in exchange for recommending particular shops or services is ingrained in the culture of the tourism industry. For this reason, a centralised fund has been established for contributions from recommended suppliers so these can be collected and distributed back into the business. Travel is always an adventure so your tour operator cannot explicitly guarantee the quality of a product but aim to provide the best value trips in the market. 


Our operator reserves the right to change an itinerary after departure due to local circumstances or a Force Majeure Event. In such emergency circumstances, the additional cost of any necessary itinerary alterations will be covered by you. Please note they are not responsible for any incidental expenses that may be incurred because of the change of itineraries. These include but are not limited to visas, vaccinations or non-refundable flights. Make sure you have access to an extra US$500 for emergencies (e.g. severe weather, natural disasters, civil unrest) or other events that result in unavoidable changes to the itinerary (e.g. transport strikes or cancellations, airport closures). The recommended amount is listed in USD for ease of understanding however, local currency may be needed once in the country to cover these costs.


Turkey is a large country split into seven regions. Generally speaking, the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have typical Mediterranean climates with hot summers and mild, wet winters. In the east, it is more mountainous with warm summers and very cold, snowy winters. Central Turkey (Cappadocia) has low rainfall, very dry, hot summers and very cold winters. Istanbul and coastal centres can experience very high humidity.

Winter (November to March) can be very cold. Not all hotels have heating so consider bringing thermals, a scarf, gloves and a warm jacket in this period. Summer (June to August) can be very hot. Not all hotels have air-conditioning, and in those that do it’s not always functioning. Please consider the seasons when planning your trip.


Ramadan (Ramzan in Turkey) will be in progress from 23 Mar – 21 Apr 2023 and 11 Mar – 9 Apr 2024, with the Eid ul-Fitr festival (or Bayram in Turkey) held at its conclusion for 3-4 days. Ramadan is a festival of sacrifice where the devout refrain from eating or drinking during daylight hours. Business hours are shortened, including opening hours at some tourist attractions. Alcohol is not permitted during daylight hours and many restaurants will be closed. While you should expect some delays and inconveniences during this period, the month is a fantastic opportunity to travel in a Muslim country and witness this period, particularly the nightly celebrations when the fast is broken. Although Eid ul-Fitr can be a fascinating time to travel, it’s a period of national holiday. Most government offices and businesses will be closed and some tourist site opening hours may be affected.

Ramadan month can differ from country to country and region to region and can be a wonderful inclusion in your travels. If you have concerns about travelling at this time, please check with us before your departure.


The group leader aims to take the hassle out of your travels and to help you have the best trip possible. Intrepid endeavour to provide the services of an experienced leader. However, due to the seasonality of travel, rare situations may arise where your leader is new to a particular region or is training other group leaders.

Your leader will provide information on the places you are travelling through and offer suggestions for things to do and see. They will recommend great local venues, and introduce you to their local friends. You can expect them to have a broad general knowledge of the places visited.

In Turkey your Leader will also be a registered Guide with the Ministry of Tourism. They will have vast general knowledge of the places visited and specialised knowledge of the sites visited and will provide full guiding services.


Many national governments provide a regularly updated advice service on safety issues involved with international travel. We recommend that you check your government’s advice for their latest travel information before departure and ensure that your travel insurance covers you for all areas in your itinerary. 

We strongly recommend the use of a neck wallet or money belt while travelling, for the safekeeping of your passport, air tickets, cash and other valuable items. Leave your valuable jewellery at home – you won’t need it while travelling. Many of the hotels have safety deposit boxes. A lock is recommended for securing your luggage.

Your group leader or local representative will accompany you on all included activities, however, you will have free time to explore at your leisure and indulge in personal interests. While your group leader or local representative will assist you with the available options please note that any optional activities you undertake that are not part of your itinerary, ourselves and the operator make no representations about the safety of the activity or the standard of the operators running them. 

Please use your judgement when selecting an activity in your free time. Your group leader or local representative has the authority to amend or cancel any part of the trip itinerary if it’s deemed necessary.

Fire precautions

Local laws governing tourism facilities in this region differ from those in your home country and not all the accommodations have fire exits, fire extinguishers or smoke alarms.


Some hotel balconies don’t meet western standards. The width of the balcony fence may be narrower than 10cm.

Traffic and driving on the other side of the road

Please note that cars may drive on the opposite side of the road from what you are used to. Look both ways before crossing any road. Traffic can be more chaotic than you might be used to at home. Be aware!

Seat Belts

Please be aware that local laws governing transportation safety may differ from those in your home country and not all the transport which is used is able to provide seat belts.

Pick pocketing & Personal safety

While travelling there is always the risk of pick-pocketing and petty theft, particularly in the more touristy cities. Exercise caution when walking at night and we encourage you to walk in groups and on main, well-lit thoroughfares. Be vigilant on public transport. Simple measures like carrying your day pack on your front, not hanging your bag over the back of your chair or on the floor and wearing a money belt will reduce the risk of valuables being stolen or going missing.

Water safety

Please take care when taking part in any activities in the ocean, river or open water. Waves and currents can be unpredictable. It’s expected that anyone taking part in water activities can swim and have experience in open water. Seek local advice before entering the water.


We recommend that you check your government’s advice for their latest travel information before your departure and ensure your travel insurance covers all areas in your itinerary. 

The safety of travellers and staff is your tour operator’s priority. Your operator monitors the situation through official travel advisories and their local operations team, and are able to quickly change arrangements if they become concerned. If there are any changes you will be advised immediately.

Whilst travelling in Istanbul before, after, or during your tour we would recommend avoiding crowded areas like Taksim Square, Galatasaray and Kadıköy Meydan after 6.00pm, especially on a weekend. If using public transport in the city please refer to http://www.iett.gov.tr/en for the latest updates and announcements.


Intrepid’s Responsible Travel Policy outlines their commitment to preserving the environment, supporting local communities, protecting the vulnerable, and giving back to the places they travel. 

All trip group leaders or local representatives, suppliers, and staff are trained on these principles and are core to delivering sustainable, experience-rich travel.

Dress standards are conservative and you should pack and dress accordingly. To respect the local culture and for your own comfort, we strongly recommend modest clothing. As a guideline, shoulders and knees (and everything in between including midriff and cleavage) should be always covered. Wearing shorts and singlet tops is not appropriate and may restrict your entry and limit your local interaction opportunities. Loose, lightweight, long clothing is both respectful and cool in the predominantly warm climate.


Travel insurance is compulsory on all our trips for those travelling internationally. We require that you are covered for medical expenses including emergency repatriation as a minimum. If you are travelling within your home country or region, please confirm before travel that you are entitled to access the public medical system easily. We strongly recommend all travellers have a policy that also covers personal liability, cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage or personal effects. For tours run by this operator, you will not be permitted to join the group until evidence of travel insurance and the insurance company’s 24-hour emergency contact number has been seen.

If you have credit card insurance your group leader or local representative will require full  details of the policy including emergency contact number rather than the bank’s name and your credit card details. Please contact your bank for these details prior to arriving.

For travellers who reside within the European Union, Switzerland or USA the requirement to purchase travel insurance cannot be compulsory. However, the purchase of travel insurance is still highly recommended, and travellers from these regions who decline travel insurance when travelling outside of their home region must sign a Travel Insurance Waiver Form at the Group Meeting, recognizing personal responsibility for emergency medical and repatriation costs.

General packing list

Most travellers carry their luggage in a backpack, although an overnight bag with a shoulder strap would suffice if you travel light. Smaller bags or backpacks with wheels are convenient but we recommend your bag has carry straps. You’ll also need a daypack/bag to carry water and a camera etc. for day trips.

The packing list has some helpful tips on what you specifically need for this trip.

  • Travel documents: passport, visa (if required), travel insurance, air tickets or e-ticket receipts and a copy of this document.
    • Photocopy of main passport pages, visa (if required), travel insurance and air tickets.
    • Personal medical kit. Your guide will carry a large kit but we recommend you carry items such as mild pain killers, electrolytes and bandaids.
    • Daypack
    • Watch/Alarm clock or phone that can be used for both.
    • Power adaptors
    • Insect repellent
    • Sun protection – hat, sunscreen, sunglasses
    • Earplugs and eye mask (you might be sharing with a snorer!)
    • Water bottle. We recommend at least a 1.5litre capacity. The sale of bottled water contributes to an enormous environmental problem around the world. In addition to the water in bottles, the production of a 1 litre plastic bottle takes 2 litres of water and 200ml of oil. A large proportion end up in limited landfill or discarded in waterways and natural environments.
    • Warm clothes including hat and gloves – When travelling in cooler climates
    • Wind and waterproof rain jacket
    • Toiletries/travel wipes
    • Travel Towel
    • Closed in, comfortable walking shoes. As most of the trips include some walking elements, we highly recommend that you take a pair of comfortable, closed-in walking shoes. Closed-in shoes will help to protect your feet from cuts and scratches when walking through bush/grass-lands, and will also act as a barrier protection in rare cases against bites or stings.
    • Camera with spare memory cards and batteries
    • Swimwear (itinerary dependant)
    • Clothes! Bear in mind that laundry facilities will be widely available throughout this trip. The cost varies in each destination.


You will be expected to carry your own bag on this trip. Although it is not expected for you to walk long distances with your luggage, we strongly recommend keeping the weight under 15kg. If your itinerary includes a flight, some domestic airlines have checked luggage limits of 15kg.


Temperatures are highly variable depending on the time of year and the region you are travelling in. Winters range from freezing in the central and eastern areas, cold in Istanbul and relatively mild on the west coast. Summer (June to August) can be extremely hot all over the country. Spring and autumn tend towards warm days and cooler nights. A light water and windproof jacket is useful and a hat essential. 


Please try to avoid bringing unnecessary valuables, and use your hotel safes to store the bulk of your money, passport, and airline tickets. It’s also a good idea to purchase a money belt or pouch that is easily hidden. We recommend copying all important documents and keeping the copies separate from the originals. While not valid, a photocopy makes it very much easier to obtain replacements if necessary.


On this trip you will have access to power to recharge batteries for phones and cameras regularly. We always recommend that you carry an extra battery for your camera just in case. Charging is advised before checking out and there may be some nights where electricity may not be readily available i.e overnight boat.

How do I pay in instalments?

Let us know if you would like to pay for your trip in instalments. The first instalment will always be the required deposit amount. Instalments are only available if making payments before the trip’s final payment date. The entire balance must be paid on the final payment date. 

Contact us at info@adventuressinthewild.com for more information.

What are the booking conditions?


7th – 18th September: £1620

21st – 2nd October: £2205

5th – 16th October: 2340

19th – 30th October: £2160

12th – 23rd April: £2660 

26th – 7th May: £2660 

17th – 28rd May: £2660 

5th – 16rd July: £2660 

6th – 17th September: £2765

20th – 1st October: £2765  

4th – 15th October: £2765

18th – 29th October: £2765  

11th – 22nd April: £2305

25th – 6th May: £2305  

16th – 27th May: £2305

4th – 15th July: £2305

5th – 16th September: £2305

19th – 30th September: £2305

3rd – 14th October: £2305

17th – 28th October: £2305


You can also reach us on Whatsapp!

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Rated 5.0 on Google

Patricia MachadoPatricia Machado
12:11 06 Jul 24
Brilliant experience! Smooth and stress free with loads of fun holidays
Ria AchilleosRia Achilleos
11:35 14 Jun 24
I recently joined a weekend trip with Adventuress In The Wild in the Peak District and it exceeded all my expectations! The weekend was filled with well-organised activities, including peaceful hiking in nature, rock-climbing and abseiling.As a first time climber, i felt both excitement and fear, but the encouraging environment made all the difference! Our host, Kate, was friendly and welcoming, ensuring everyone felt included throughout the trip. Kate provided useful information and fun facts, making the trip safe and interesting.One of the best parts was meeting lovely people who shared a passion for the outdoors.I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and highly recommend Adventuress In The Wild to anyone looking for an outdoor adventure!
Susanne MorganSusanne Morgan
13:10 13 May 24
The Adventuress tour to Morocco was an amazing experience. Our local guide Hafida took us to areas not commonly frequented by tourists and we were privileged to have genuine interactions with local people. A truely memorable trip with a fabulous group of women.
Sarah SarvisSarah Sarvis
20:13 11 May 24
I went to Morocco with Adventuress and it was the trip of the lifetime. Our guide knew all the locals, was kind and generous and gave us an experience that was not overpopulated with other tourists and included unique cultural interactions. Kate herself is thoughtful and mindful of the adventures that she organizes for us.
Szabo BernadettSzabo Bernadett
09:44 27 Apr 24
Been on multiple hikes (Jurassic coast was my favourite) and few overseas trip ( Pyrenees, Queer Malaga trip) with Adventuress. Kate is always extremely welcoming and caring and puts so much effort into making sure everyone enjoy their time and having the best hike or trip.You will have the best with either you go alone or with friends.Very highly recommend any of the trip or hike!
Lucia LegnaroLucia Legnaro
10:46 02 Apr 24
Re: PEAK DISTRICT HIKE AND CLIMB WEEKEND.If in doubt, book it now! The beauty of the landscape is unparalleled, the thrill of the climb is a great boost for selfconfidence, and so many laughs with the crew! This trip is moderate and accessible to most people, I am not super sporty nor particularly strong myself, but the weekend is designed to make everyone welcome. Kate Capelli is a superstar!Re: SEVEN SISTERS EASTER HIKE.I had the best time with the best people and the best weather, exploring the best section of the ‘South Downs Way’. Kate Capelli knows what she is doing and I would follow her anywhere. The general vibe was inclusive and warm and friendly, you do not need to be super fit to take part.
Nga DoNga Do
09:06 01 Apr 24
I have been lucky enough to enjoy 3 activities with AITW, 2 of which have been overseas trips! "Adventures" does not even begin to describe the experiences I had on both of my trips with this group. My first trip with AITW was in October/November 2022, and I still have fond memories and friendships that were formed, sharing laughter, conquering challenges, and taking in the beautiful scenery of South Africa. Hiking, yoga, camping, bouldering, and wine tasting were all part of the itinerary, but what wasn't planned was just the awe and feeling I was left with when the trip was over. I had so much fun that I booked another overseas trip in March 2024 to Lapland. I got to try snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, a traditional Finnish sauna, and ice dipping. We even got to stay in a cozy cabin where we shared delicious meals, took turns sledding, had a private sauna, and even laughed our way into playing in the snow between sauna breaks. We had 2 wonderful Finnish guides leading us into the beautiful Lapland wilderness, and we got to have lunch at our very own woman-made ice table/bar. Our last night was quite magical, as we got to see the Northern lights for the 2nd time on the trip and were mesmorised by its glow. It was an empowering trip, and Kate takes thoughtful consideration in planning and organising events that promote community support. I can't wait to join another adventure!
Maria CorbalanMaria Corbalan
22:13 31 Mar 24
I can’t recommend Adventuress in the Wild highly enough after an epic week exploring the magical scenery of the Finnish Lapland.We were very lucky to have Kate with us, and I must say I couldn’t possibly think of a better professional travel companion.We also had qualified wilderness guides with us, and again, they were really professional and friendly, and they were adapting to our needs at all times.The accommodation had great views and was really pretty, it also had a fireplace and traditional Finnish sauna, and getting up in the mornings in such a setting was quite a thing.Spent our days hiking in the wilderness, snow shoeing, trying nordic backcountry ski, ice dipping and having yummy home made meals. We also managed to see the northern lights for two nights and had lots of fun as strangers to start with but as friends by the end of the trip.A really empowering experience and I have already booked to go again next year.
Thanh TangThanh Tang
18:58 31 Mar 24
Truely, an amazing trip with a bunch of lovely ladies and two aspiring female wilderness guides. A week packed with fun activities, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, hike to the fell for aurora, yoga, sauna/ice dip, laughter, banter, a perfect traditional log cabin in the magical Lapland landscape. My 1st all female group trip and definitely not my last. Experiences are shared, fond memories to look back on and friendships formed. LOVED IT, AITW/Sidetracked thank you!
Amy MaynardAmy Maynard
09:44 31 Mar 24
Kate is incredible! She has a great ethos and works incredibly hard teaming up with group's lead/run by women and making sure everyone is ok. Lapland adventure, was the second overseas trip with Adventuresses and it was phenomenal. The group was hilarious/encouraging and the guides (Sirpa and Lotta), made the trip so special for everyone.
Kristen FraleyKristen Fraley
09:09 31 Mar 24
Still buzzing after a truly wonderful trip to Northern Finland with Kate and Adventuress in the Wild. From start to finish, Kate was really responsive and set the tone for an encouraging and fun space to try new things, take on challenging situations, and have a lot of laughs with a great group of women. Kate provided us with an exceptionally curated week, filled with snow shoe hiking, cross country skiing, ice dipping and even seeing the northern lights in our PJs!Would absolutely recommend AITW to anyone after an adventure!
17:14 29 Feb 24
I’ve just come back from an absolutely fantastic winter skills weekend up in the snowy Scottish highlands with Adventuress in the wild.It was a perfect weekend from the outset!Kate, the founder of adventuress in the wild and our mountain leader, Charlie , immediately put you at ease going through the itinerary for the weekend.On the Saturday Charlie introduced us to the lovely Scottish winter and what it had to offer. We learnt how to make wise decisions, use crampons, use ice axes and generally have lots of fun safely in the snow!On the Sunday we put all of the skills we had learnt the day before to good use as we hiked up a snowy mountain…and oh boy…the views were unreal!We were very very lucky with the weather and I felt I was living a dream. The memories I have made from the weekend will last a lifetime. My only regret is that it didn’t last longer as I was definitely not ready to come home!Thank you to Kate, Charlie, Gaby and Jean for making the trip so memorable. It won’t be the last trip I take with Adventuress in the wild!
Nese ZorbaNese Zorba
10:55 16 Feb 24
I have just finished the 4 week bouldering course with Kate and it was so helpful in getting me into bouldering. She really eases you into it and the course is layed out really well. Kate is an amazing instructor as she takes the time to learn about you and doesnt just coach you on the physical side but the mental side too which for me was the main obstacle for me progressing. By the time I had my 2nd session with her I was a lot less shakey and from the very first session I was able to complete climbs. She pushes you outside your comfort zone yet not so much that it puts you off bouldering completely. In such a small amount of time Ive seen so much progress in my bouldering and having all the techniques she has taught me under my belt I now feel confident enough to enter a bouldering gym on my own.
Lucy LLucy L
15:30 15 Feb 24
I recently completed the 4-week bouldering beginners course. It was a great way to learn all the basic techniques and lingo. I feel more confident going bouldering by myself or joining social climbs now. Kate is a great instructor and made the sessions fun. I would definitely recommend it if you are new to or returning to bouldering!
10:00 15 Feb 24
I took Kate's beginner level 4 week long course and I cant recommend it highly enough. Kate covers everything from climbing lingo to techniques that are invaluable to climbing efficiently. She is encouraging and patient and you get to meet and climb with other amazing women!
14:41 11 Feb 24
Kate is a great instructor, she is patient and explains things so clearly. Have learnt a lot with the bouldering classes and increased my confidence with bouldering.
Irina TamIrina Tam
17:33 05 Sep 23
The journey and trip through Morocco was a dream come true, filled with unparalleled experiences that go beyond the ordinary. From immersing myself in the ancient traditions of nomadic life to witnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Sahara Desert under the starlit sky, entire adventure was nothing short of extraordinary with the breathtaking hikes in the majestic mountains .Having Kate and Hafida as our guides undoubtedly added an extra layer of magic to our trip. Their expertise, passion, and genuine care ensured that every moment was not just memorable but truly exceptional. Their insights, local knowledge, and hospitality enriched our experience, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.
Jaimie WilliamsJaimie Williams
13:36 04 Sep 23
Kate plans everything needed to make Adventuress trips smooth and hassle-free, making a chilled weekend away so easy. Always meet great people too, such a nice vibe xx
Liza Aberkane BarrancoLiza Aberkane Barranco
11:27 17 Jul 23
100% recommend for all levels. I was an absolute beginner but felt so supported and welcomed for both hiking and camping. A fun community that is open and safe for all. The best views and guide!
Savannah BettsSavannah Betts
19:48 29 Jun 23
Had a great time during the adventuress weekend on the Jurassic coast with Kate and Lisa. Great organisation, communication, and felt really well looked after. They managed to cater to all experience levels, and just create good vibes all around. A brilliant way to meet new adventure pals!
Victoria WeaverVictoria Weaver
19:45 26 Jun 23
Absolutely epic experience!! Hiking the most amazing scenery on the Jurassic coast with a bunch of awesome women is something I will not forget quickly. Brilliant host. Very friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Cant wait to do more hiking!
Kim BishKim Bish
11:15 26 Jun 23
Best girl gang an adventurer can join, whether you're a beginner or experienced in travelling! I put my trust in Kate for my first ever weekend hike, & I'm so glad I did.
09:27 26 Jun 23
I had the most amazing week of my life on an expedition to the Pyrenees with Adventuress in the Wild and 360 Expeditions. I had never travelled solo before and was so nervous to go on an expedition with a group of people I’d never met. Adventuress couldn’t have been better, Kate made sure everyone was happy throughout the trip. She took the time to speak with everyone on the trip and answered any concerns we had. She kept us all up to date in the WhatsApp chat and put a packing list in the chat each day to help us know what to pack for the days activities.The group were amazing, everyone was so lovely and we all really bonded over the week. It was a week filled with smiles and laughter, we all supported and cheered each other on as we tried new and challenging things outwith our comfort zones. I absolutely cannot wait to book more activities with adventuress and genuinely recommend them to everyone!
Anna AlcaideAnna Alcaide
21:49 04 Apr 23
I attended the course "Confidence Outdoors" and I enjoyed a lot. Kate is creating a very comfortable atmosphere and she is providing a complete course both, for beginners and more advance hikers. Key information provided and also, detailed replies to all questions. Now I feel I have all the important tools to go ahead in my future hikes. I would highly recommend this course.
Michelle VenablesMichelle Venables
21:43 04 Apr 23
Highly Recommend!I wanted to make a positive change and to go out and meet new people with similar interests and to build my confidence and self-esteem. I’d always loved walking and hiking but never felt I knew enough to do it on my own (or even if it was something you could do solo!) Then I came across Adventuress in the Wild. Kate’s Confidence Outdoors course was exactly what I was looking for.The course included subjects like: planning your own hike and creating your own route; keeping safe and how to deal with emergencies; choosing kit and equipment; multi-day camping and backpacking and then the option of going on a hike and meeting all the people on the course in the final week.I was very nervous to go on my own but I didn’t need to be; I was instantly put at ease. Kate is very friendly and welcoming and all the ladies attending were great. It was a really lovely day and Kate was a brilliant guide.I’d put planning solo hikes off, but now armed with my new knowledge and confidence, I’m looking forward getting out there.Kate, thank you. I also can’t wait to go on more of your hikes soon.
Madeleine HammondMadeleine Hammond
20:55 04 Apr 23
Kate is a fantastic guide and leader. I feel inspired and motivated to undertake more treks, which as an inexperienced woman who wants to get more outdoorsy feels so empowering. However, my favourite part is the adventuress community - I have done both the compass navigation and confidence outdoors courses, and the community that Kate has an integral role in developing of Adventuresses feels like a truly welcoming, supportive environment. I’ve already booked onto more adventuress walks - if you’re not sure, just sign up!
Eleonora PasselliEleonora Passelli
08:00 04 Apr 23
I've been thinking about joining this group for so long and I'm so glad I finally did! So nice to get out of London with some likeminded, friendly people. Kate is a great guide, very knowledgeable and always making sure everyone feels welcome. I also like that there are a lot of options, from day hikes to overseas trips to bouldering. Very highly recommended!
Annie SmithAnnie Smith
06:11 04 Apr 23
I’ve had such a brilliant time on my days with the adventuress gang! I did a couple of hikes in January and the confidence outdoors course in March. Kate is very experienced and knowledgeable, and creates a really relaxed and friendly environment. It’s a lovely way to meet like-minded people whilst exploring some beautiful places and building confidence to go it alone at some point. Highly recommend!
Rebecca MacDonaldRebecca MacDonald
13:17 14 Mar 23
Such a great community to be a part of! I'm new to town, so I was nervous to start coming out, but Kate and the girls made me feel welcome right away. I now attend the hikes and bouldering and beer sessions regularly. The group that turns up is always a mix of new and familiar faces, and everyone receives that same warm welcome. Getting outside is medicine for me. Getting outside with other women is even more so. For any women looking to get into nature more and meet other women who like doing the same, I can't recommend this group enough!
Sarah BattenSarah Batten
16:14 12 Mar 23
I had a fantastic time hiking in Epping Forest with such lovely friendly people. Kate is a brilliant guide and is so welcoming - I felt very welcome attending on my own. Such a great way of getting out into the countryside and escaping London! Highly recommended.
Andreea CraciunAndreea Craciun
19:14 13 Feb 23
Kate is a great guide and she's managed to create an amazing community of women around her. The hikes she organizes are not only a way of exploring London and its surroundings, but also to connect to other people. 10/10 would recommend
Miri GlogerMiri Gloger
08:23 19 Jan 23
Such a vibe! I was pretty stoked when I first found Adventuresses and even more so now that I have attended a few events. Kate is a great guide, always full of fun facts about nature and making sure everyone feels safe and welcome. What I love most though is the community, a bunch of cool chicks you get to hike/climb and have a drink with. Thanks for creating this, you'll be seeing my face a lot :)P.S. make sure to join one of the abroad adventures, it was truly an experience of a lifetime 😍
Effie ParaskevopoulouEffie Paraskevopoulou
19:29 02 Jan 23
I've joined several adventures with Adventuress in the Wild, and I can confidently say that they are life changing experiences. As someone who moved to the UK, they gave me the opportunity to explore the outdoors around London and meet new people in a safe, friendly environment.Kate is a very experienced and organised guide, and she has created a platform that empowers women in many ways. I couldn't recommend them more.

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