Adventuress in the wild Membership terms and conditions

The registered user of the Membership is agreeing to these terms and conditions at the point of membership purchase.

The membership fee is a one off payment, validating your 1 year membership from date of purchase. There will be no recurring. You will be notified of its pending expiriy and sent a payment link if you wish to renew your membership. 

Prior to 1st June 2023 there is an intro offer period where the user pays £65 for the first year of annual membership. This offer is valid for the first year only, and all subsequent yearly payments will be charged at full price.

Following the activation of a Membership, Adventuress in the Wild will only communicate with the Member via the email address used during their purchase. Communication will also be made through the members only Whatsapp group. Please contact us if you wish to update or change your Email at

Members will receive emails associated with their Membership perks, such as welcome email, Insider Info, Early Access notifications and details of upcoming member-exclusive products. If you do not wish to receive these Emails then please let us know at

Members must be over 18 years old to join. People under 18 cannot own any memberships.

Members are entitled to event discounts as stated in each event. Discount amounts are variable and Adventuress in the Wild reserve the right to decide how much of a discount will be applied to each event. 

Discounts will not be applied to every event and Adventuress in the Wild reserve the right to choose which events will have discount for Members.

Membership is dedicated to each Member, and the benefits of membership are for individual use only. Breach of this condition will result in the member being removed from the organisation. This includes and is not limited to member-exclusive products.

Members must not sell or gift Adventuress in the Wild Member-exclusive products to non-members. Breach of this condition will result in immediate the termination of their membership and end the receipt of all membership perks.

Adventuress in the Wild reserves the right to add or take away membership perks, and change discount amounts. Different events will have different discount amounts, and some events will not feature member discounts. Discounts do not apply to all events.

Membership is not transferable and shall not be transferred or re-sold. Those wishing to transfer membership purchased for the incorrect account should send their request to for consideration.

When seeking to use the benefits of Personal Membership, a member may be required at any time to provide their unique membership number or Email address used when joining.

Adventuress in the Wild reserves the right to suspend the use of Membership and/or any associated benefits for a period of time, to withdraw its use and such benefits completely and/or to cancel Membership if the Member breaches any of these terms and conditions (or Adventuress in the Wild has reasonable grounds to suspect such a breach) or otherwise misuses the Membership; Adventuress in the Wild shall not be obliged to make any refund to a Member if their Membership and/or any associated benefits are suspended or withdrawn or if their contract for the purchase of a Membership is terminated.

Adventuress in the Wild reserves the right from time to time to alter, withdraw and/or substitute replacement events or benefits as part of Membership in place of any events or benefits advertised in promotional material.

Adventuress in the Wild reserves the right to re-brand or re-name any membership products and benefits at any time.

Access to Personal Member benefits does not guarantee availability.

Adventuress in the Wild shall be entitled to refuse an application from or suspend or cancel the Membership of any Member in its absolute discretion.

Adventuress in the Wild operates zero tolerance of behaviour that is abusive, sexist, racist or harassment in any way. Reported incidents of this nature will be taken seriously and may be reported to authorities and will result in the termination of your membership without refund with a lifetime ban.

Members are expected to conduct themselves with respect and courtesy for others, treating others in the way they would wish to be treated themselves, this extends to online platforms such as the Whatsapp group, TeleParty Netflix movie viewings, during virtual courses, and on Adventuress in the Wild social media channels.

Adventuress in the Wild reserves the right to delete content, withhold access or impose a total ban on access to the Meetup events pages, Whatsapp group, TeleParty viewings, Adventuress in the Wild social media accounts, and events paid via this website, should a member not conduct themselves in accordance with the above.

Nothing in these terms and conditions guarantees a member will be entitled to renew their Membership. Once expired, all rights and benefits of Membership will cease.

Adventuress in the Wild collects personal information when an individual becomes a member, or when Members use services or products that require the collection of personal information. 

Adventuress in the Wild will use this information to provide the services requested, maintain records, notify Members of important information regarding an individual’s membership, develop the organisation and send the Member information on things that may be of interest to them.

Adventuress in the Wild may, from time to time, update its Membership terms and conditions. Members are advised to refer to the Membership terms and conditions prior to the renewal of their Membership annually.

These terms and conditions together with any associated application form/process comprise the entire agreement between Adventuress in the Wild and a Member in relation to the purchase and use of their Membership.

Members are invited to join our Adventuress Film Club by downloading the TeleParty application to their browser. Adventuress in the Wild does not have any affiliation with TeleParty, and downloading the app is entirely at the Members own discretion. Members are advised to check the apps own privacy policy. 

Members are invited to access free route maps by downloading the AllTrails app application to their cellular device. Adventuress in the Wild does not have any affiliation with AllTrails, and downloading the app is entirely at the Members own discretion. Members are advised to check the apps own privacy policy. Members are never encouraged by Adventuress in the Wild to pay for any premium subscriptions to either application and do not provide or offer any payment towards paid subscriptions to these services. All perks that can be accessed by using these services are available with free subscriptions to both Teleparty and Alltrails.

These Booking Terms and Conditions are governed by English Law with any action arising out of it being subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


If you wish to cancel your membership at any point during the 1 year term, we do not issue refunds, vouchers or transfers for partially used membership. Your membership will automatically expire after the 1 year term from date of purchase.

Cancellation due to breach of terms and conditions 

If a member is found to have breached Membership Terms & Conditions or Communications & Social Media Policy, membership access can be cancelled with immediate effect by decision of the founder of Adventuress in the Wild. All access to Adventuress in the Wild communication channels and social media channels can be removed and/or blocked depending on the nature of the breach. The removed member will not be allowed to apply for new membership for a minimum of 6 months. Once cancelled, there are no further routes of appeal. Depending on the severity of the incident, the member could be subject to a life-time ban.