Womens climbing in London

Come and join our beginner womens climbing lessons in London to delve into the endorphin fuelled world of bouldering or rope climbing, and meet the incredible community that comes as part of this seriously addictive sport!

anytime budget COACHING AT HARROWALL for £40

Bespoke Budget Sessions

Climbing lessons in Harrow

Do you want to learn to climb but are put off by how expensive it all seems?

We are running anytime budget climbing coaching tailored for women. Sessions for 1-on-1 and groups at Harrowall Climbing Centre aimed at beginners (V0-V2) 

Cost is for a 90 minute session

£40: 1-on-1

£20pp: Groups (Min 2/Max 4)

Sessions can be requested for any date or time that works for you but are subject to availability. To book get in touch

*Sessions run by and led by AITW, not Harrowall climbing gym

Beginner Bouldering Lessons

First time climb

Womens beginner bouldering in London

Discover for yourself why everybody has gone crazy for Bouldering. In our fun instructed sessions you’ll learn all of the basics from route reading, to how to scale the walls in the safest way possible. We have a progressive course structure which allows you to continue to build on your skills after your first taster session.

Following the session you’ll be invited to our Beginner Boulderers social sessions to meet other new climbers in London

Cost: £25-£35

Beginner rope climbing lessons

Learning the ropes

Womens beginner rope climbing in London

If bouldering seems like a bit of an adrenaline overdose, then why not try your hand at rope climbing. This method of climbing will have you securely tied in to the rope whilst you focus on reaching the top. Simply give it a go, or dive into an intensive course.

Cost: £45-65

1-on-1 coaching

Progression sessions

Do you want to get the best possible start in rope climbing or bouldering? Or are you struggling to push through your grade plateau? Let us pair you with one of our female Adventuress coaches to help you level up.

Levels V0-V6

Cost: £50ph, discounts available with block bookings

For private coaching sessions, get in touch

Adventuress womens climbing socials in London

For womens climbing socials in London, come along to one of our weekly bouldering events and put your new skills to the test whilst we cheer you on.

Following any of our sessions, you’ll be invited to join our chat with over 150+ women who climb in London.

All of our social events are joined via the AITW Meetup group

women climbing in london


See below our womens climbing lessons and socials held in London

Harrowall budget sessions are booked via Email