Bouldering gyms can be a pretty intimidating place for beginners. You might find yourself asking, ‘Do I need arm strength for this?’ ‘Are these shoes meant to hurt?’ ‘How do I start and finish a climb?’ ‘Will I hurt myself if I fall?’ ‘Do I really need to use chalk?’ 

In this starter session all of your questions will be answered so you can start off on the right foot…Literally

what to expect

Duration  90 minutes

Min/Max participants  1/4

Non-Members Cost  £35pp

Members Cost £25 (Contact to book)

Location  This will be based on your location in London

Requirements No climbing experience needed. Participants must be 18+

What you’ll learn

  • How to avoid injury in climbing 
  • Gym etiquette and safety 
  • Gear 101
  • Grading
  • Identifying routes
  • How to fall safely
  • Efficient movement and technique for beginners (It’s all in the legs!)


Professionally guided fun session led by a Climbing Wall Instructor

Climbing specific warm up and cool down 

Foundation of efficient movement 

Photos and videos of you looking awesome on the wall

Access to the Adventuress Climbers Whatsapp group and socials

Not included

Entry to the gym

Shoe rental from the gym

"i heard that this is way more fun than going to the gym, so i wanted to try it out"

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Next session date 7pm Wednesday 23rd August 2023

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